[Java] Sortie du second Milestone de Wicket 1.4

Après une première tentative avortée à cause des énormes difficultés rencontrées par l’equipe de Wicket lors de son générification, le second Milestone de Wicket 1.4 a été officiellement annoncé

Voici quelques liens relatifs à cette annonce ainsi que le changelog de cette version:


=> Télécharger
=> Migration depuis Wicket 1.3
=> L’équipe de Wicket sollicite les retours de la communauté quant aux generics
=> Changelog:

** Bug
* [WICKET-1152] - MetaDataRoleAuthorizationStrategy.unauthorize() doesn't work
* [WICKET-1292] - WicketTester continueToOriginalDestination() uses application home page instead of original redictor
* [WICKET-1366] - "ava.lang.IllegalStateException: No Page found for component" when collapsing nodes in a LinkTree
* [WICKET-1507] - MarkupCache style/variation/locale support broken
* [WICKET-1521] - ClassCastException in MixedUrlCodingStrategy
* [WICKET-1527] - WicketTester can not deal with null values in page parameters
* [WICKET-1541] - PopupSettings' windowName fixes for IE
* [WICKET-1549] - Memory leak with PropertyResolver (in running test suites)
* [WICKET-1560] - MarkupFragmentFinder fails on transparent resolvers within Repeaters
* [WICKET-1569] - AjaxButton break form data when IRequestSettings.#getResponseRequestEncoding is not UTF-8.
* [WICKET-1574] - Palette does not support ajax behavior
* [WICKET-1575] - AjaxEventBehavior does not check for component.isEnableAllowed before adding the ajax event to the tag
* [WICKET-1581] - AjaxEditableLabel cancel broken on Safari
* [WICKET-1598] - Typos in JavaDoc of IMarkupResourceStreamProvider.java
* [WICKET-1607] - addDomReadyEvent unreliable for Safari
* [WICKET-1626] - Typo in src/main/java/org/apache/wicket/protocol/http/WebApplication.java
* [WICKET-1649] - Manifests use incorrect Dynamic-ImportPackage header
** Improvement
* [WICKET-433] - improved reporting on locked page maps
* [WICKET-1559] - Widening Generics...
* [WICKET-1568] - contribution for wicket 1.4 generics (IConverter)
* [WICKET-1588] - Generics for Quickstart archetype
* [WICKET-1590] - AjaxEditableChoiceLabel ignores ChoiceRenderer in newLabel(...)
* [WICKET-1595] - AutoCompleteTextField: Scrolling down the Choice Menu Only When the Bottom of the Menu Is Reached
* [WICKET-1596] - New convenience methods for ValueMap (code and tests included!)
* [WICKET-1608] - make AutoCompleteBehavior's configuration more flexible
* [WICKET-1618] - Localizer API should be enhanced so that the cache implementation can be overwritten
* [WICKET-1656] - serialVersionUID Errors in Eclipse
* [WICKET-1660] - Add isVisible() method to ITab
** New Feature
* [WICKET-1603] - pass through url coding strategy
* [WICKET-1609] - add RedirectToExternalException
* [WICKET-1641] - provide OSGi metadata
** Wish
* [WICKET-1562] - Autocomplete should display the selection list even if the input field is empty



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