New page: My projects

I just wanted to mention that I’ve added a “My projects” page where I list some opensource projects that I created and shared in Github.

It’s not much I must admit, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to fix that with time and by being less lazy.

I would be glad and grateful for any feedback on these projects, or even better: forks and pull requests.


2 Responses to New page: My projects

  1. Loic says:

    Good stuffs! You’re not so lazy 😉
    Templator seems really cool

    • jawher says:

      Good stuffs! You’re not so lazy

      Thanks Loic

      Templator seems really cool

      I can see why since it is heavily inspired by Wicket 😛

      Personally, my favorite is Moulder: I find it to be a more powerful yet simpler abstraction than Wicket :

      * Being able to select and transform multiple elements in one shot
      * Doesn’t pollute the markup with custom id attributes (à la wicket:id)
      * Being able to chain multiple simple transformations to model the transformation you want to achieve. With wicket (and hence themplator), you’ll have to choose one main component and a couple of decorators

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