This blog is moving

From now on, I won’t be posting here anymore* and wil instead be using my shiny new blog over

It has been 2 years since I started using wordpress(.com) (after having used blogger and b2evo before), and while it’s a nice and quick-to-bootstrap solution, I’ve started to grow annoyed with it for the following reasons:

  • I have spent years waiting for to include a clean, a really clean, theme, wide enough so it doesn’t butcher code snippets (this is a technical blog after all), but nope, no luck. I also found the paying themes were a bit too expensive.
  • Too restrictive: you had to play by their rules, which was understandable, they just can’t let anybody include anything in their pages (javascript stuff for example). Some other restrictions aren’t as fair though: no custom css for instance, but they had to monetize their product. Hey, it was free, so I’m not complaining, just stating the fact.
  • Ads. I only noticed them recently when I had to check something quick in my blog using IE. Yup, it only took me 2 years to figure that out, thank you adblock ! I have no problem with “classy” and contextual ads, but the one I’ve seen the other day was plain awful. Again, it was a free service, so …
  • They had many performance issues, especially on the backend-side

Again, I’m not complaining: I’m more than grateful for the for what they offered me and millions of other blogger, a nice free hosting package, but it’s time for me to move to greener (I hop) pastures.

Enter my new blog:, built on Jekyll and served with nginx from an EC2 micro-instance. I’m rather happy with my new setup, especially the markdown format (instead of html), and the freedom it gives me. Also, it’s backed by a Github repo: a push and a couple seconds later (which will eventually become minutes, Jekyll is not a speed beast) the changes are reflected on the site. I’ll eventually blog in more detail on my setup.

* Actually, I’ll continue, for some time at least, to post links in here to the new posts.

One Response to This blog is moving

  1. joseph says:

    Damn, I hadn’t seen the ads neither !!

    Hum, I guess I’ll follow your move 🙂

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