Setting up a Scala development environment based on Emacs, SBT & Ensime

In this post, I will quickly show how to get a productive Scala development environment by using Emacs as an editor, with Scala mode and Ensime as extensions, and SBT as a build tool.
The following assumes that you are running a Linux with emacs already installed and a minimal knowledge on them.

1. Installing Scala

Start by downloading the latest Scala distribution from this page. I usually opt for the tar gz version which I then extract in some directory.

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Pour l’amour de notre patrie: posez les questions avant de tirer !

On templating, and a shameless plug of Moulder

Moulder is a server-side templating system. It uses jQuery’s approach, i.e. select and transform, and works only on XML-like data. I’ve written it two times over: One time in Java and another in Scala. Both versions are available as Open source software on GitHub and released under the MIT License.

1. What is templating

Templating is generally used in (but not limited to) web applications to generate dynamic web pages. Every time you perform a search on Google or open your Facebook page, templating was used behind the scene to generate these pages.
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Solution pour: Flash Square 10.2 ne stocke plus les vidéos chargées dans /tmp

La dernière version de Flash, square ou 10.2, apporte enfin une version 64 bits sur Linux (Ubuntu dans mon cas). J’ai donc vite sauté sur l’occasion et installé cette version, histoire de voir si elle serait plus clémente avec mon processeur (un Q6600 figurez vous) et si elle ne planterait pas toutes les 5 minutes.

J’étais habitué à laisser charger une vidéo flash dans un onglet après avoir coupé son son, et une fois chargée, j’allais dans le dossier /tmp pour récupérer son fichier flv (ou mp4) et le regarder avec VLC, histoire de bénéficier d’une lecture fluide et en plein écran. Plus avec cette dernière de flash car on voyait plus aucun fichier dans /tmp.

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My Clojure explained solutions to the s99 problems 14 to 20


Duplicate the elements of a list.
user> (duplicate ‘(\a, \b, \c, \c, \d))
(\a, \a, \b, \b, \c, \c, \c, \c, \d, \d)

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New page: My projects

I just wanted to mention that I’ve added a “My projects” page where I list some opensource projects that I created and shared in Github.

It’s not much I must admit, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to fix that with time and by being less lazy.

I would be glad and grateful for any feedback on these projects, or even better: forks and pull requests.

My Clojure explained solutions to the s99 problems 8 to 13


Eliminate consecutive duplicates of list elements.
If a list contains repeated elements they should be replaced with a single copy of the element. The order of the elements should not be changed.
user> (compress ‘(\a, \a, \a, \a, \b, \c, \c, \a, \a, \d, \e, \e, \e, \e))
(\a, \b, \c, \a, \d, \e)

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