Moulder in action

In a previous blog post, I’ve talked about templating in general and showed a quick example of how Moulder does templating.

Moulder is an Open source templating library that exists in 2 versions: Scala and Java. Both versions are hosted on Github and are available under the MIT Licence.

Unlike many other templating libraries, Moulder keeps the template data and the templating rules in separate files. The template data can (only) be any XML-like format, including HTML.
The templating rules are written in Scala or in Java (depending on the version you choose) and mimics jQuery’s usage patterns, i.e. a rule is expressed as a CSS selector and a list of operations to perform on the elements returned by that selector.

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New page: My projects

I just wanted to mention that I’ve added a “My projects” page where I list some opensource projects that I created and shared in Github.

It’s not much I must admit, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to fix that with time and by being less lazy.

I would be glad and grateful for any feedback on these projects, or even better: forks and pull requests.